As a RE/MAX Regional Master Franchisor you are engaged in building up and maintaining a network of Office Franchises throughout your region. Along with the responsibility for continuous growth in Office and Associate volumes within your region, you will provide administrative and technical support services to your Offices and Associates. RE/MAX India has developed a strong network of successful Regional Master Franchisors whose success and experience provide a wealth of invaluable information for the new Regional Master Franchisor. Contributing to the success of this network are the training programs and suite of proprietary IT products RE/MAX has developed.

RE/MAX India divided India into various regions, out of those we have presence in 23 Regions.

RE/MAX is currently granting Master Franchises for the following regions:

•   Bihar •   Jharkhand •   Madhya Pradesh 2 •   West Bengal •   Rajasthan •   North East States
•   Himachal Pradesh •   Uttar Pradesh •   Kerala •   Odisha •   Goa

Here at RE/MAX, we're a team. The way we work is to have Franchise/Agents on board who are committed, positive and successful, who strive to be balanced and honest, and who work well for their clients whatever their remit. We work to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by RE/MAX benefits from exceptional service - and value.

We select RE/MAX Master Regional Franchise Owners on their attitude and motivation. Master Franchise Owners want to deal with us because we understand people are important, we believe systems should support not run a company, we offer the most practical, most applicable strategies for growth and we mean what we say. We give people back spirit and freedom through their business development and growth.

The RE/MAX Master Regional Franchise Owners has the rights to operate RE/MAX operations in the region/ territories by appointing Broker Office Franchisee in different cities/ locality across the Regions and further by developing them. RE/MAX Master Regional Franchise Owners can appoint number of Broker Offices from different profile like Real Estate Consultants, Builders and Developers, Stock Brokers, Chartered Accountants, Financial Advisories, Industrialists even a new entrepreneur etc.

In addition, There is no maximum limit fixed by RE/MAX in terms of appointing Broker office. RE/MAX franchise in India has a corporate goal of achieving Premier Market Presence (PMP) in every market. PMP is achieved by securing market share on reported real estate sales of between 30-35% or more. To achieve this market share, RE/MAX must recruit and retain as much as top 15% of the total reported Broker Associates in the market. Because RE/MAX Broker Associates generally out-produce the competition's sales agents either two or three to one, securing 15% of the agents achieves our PMP goals. It is up to each individual office and individual region to play its own role in selling franchises and recruiting and retaining quality RE/MAX Broker Associates. The programs, services and support provided by RE/MAX International and RE/MAX India can assist you in this goal achievement.

New RE/MAX Master Regional Franchise Owners attend an initial training which covers every details of operating a RE/MAX Master franchise. Content ranges from creating the right office environment to building and managing successful franchises. Additional courses are offered throughout the year focusing on specific topics including IT, Marketing, Selling Skills, Basics of Real Estate, Leadership, Recruitment and Retention Techniques. Courses are run on a regular basis at RE/MAX India Head Quarters.

Further advice and support on a number of different subjects ranging from recruitment to administration, e-marketing and referrals is available of all offices via The RE/MAX University which offers Training-On-Demand via "Mainstreet" our Propriety Intranet system. Traditional classroom sessions at the RE/MAX Global Education Center in Denver or video sessions via RSN - RE/MAX Satellite Network which beams 60 hours or programming each month via satellite to subscribing offices are also made available to offices world-wide.

Successful RE/MAX Master Regional Franchise Owners come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are experienced Real Estate Professional and others join us from related industries such as property developers, financial services, Sales, Marketing, Management, Consultants and Industrialists. And there are just as many people to whom property and franchising is completely new!

To operate a RE/MAX Master Regional franchise you need the management and people skills necessary to award the Franchisee and manage franchisee & agents serving thousands of clients a year so we look for key skills.

We believe successful RE/MAX Master Regional Franchise Owners share a number of these skills and qualities. They are ambitious and determined, they demonstrate strong Leadership, Sales and Management skills, and recognize the importance of providing great customer service. Combined with the commitment and enthusiasm necessary to build a thriving business, these people make for outstanding RE/MAX franchisees.

Please send your company's profile or individual Resume to apply for the Master Regional Franchise at [email protected]